Movie Night….

Every summer for the past few years, Mondays during the summer meant date night at Screen on the Green on the National Mall.  This year Monday became FAMILY NIGHT as Shaw became part of the tradition too!  We traded our rolling picnic basket for a baby stroller, but we still take our spread down to the Mall before the sun goes down to set up our “tea party” for the movie.

photo 1

Ben and Shaw as we roll on to the Mall.

photo 2

Our personal cups for our beverages….wonder which is mine :)

photo 5

Shaw watching The Karate Kid!

photo 4

Our walk home…..the beautiful Captiol Dome!


Meet the Press…

Ben and I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the membership and on the board for the Republican Communications Association over the past few years.  It is truly remarkable to be surrounded by such bright and ambitious individuals in the communications field.

Recently, we checked another ‘why we love D.C.’ box when we got to go to the NBC studios in D.C. and watch the taping of Meet the Press with David Gregory.  It was fun to see the behind the scenes aspect, but also interesting to see the show we love to watch live and in person.


RCA members with host David Gregory

photo (25)

Ben and I on the MTP set

Behind the Scenes….

One more behind the scenes shot of baby Shaw before more photos from the shoot go up on the blog this week!

Shaw is having his picture made at the cross streets of his first home (the red brick) in D.C.

Stay tuned for more….

photo (23)