Pumpkin Patch

Well, time is definitely not on my side these days.  No time to sleep.  No time to blow out my hair.  No time for manis….or pedis…..or reading Vogue…being a mama is ALL-consuming.  But WOW, I love it!!!!!

Finally, as Shaw’s new monogrammed Christmas stocking arrives, I am getting around to posting pictures from our time at the pumpkin patch at Butler’s Orchard in Maryland.  No captions needed, but get ready for a Shaw photo shoot and cute baby overload below :)

IMG_7377 IMG_7406 IMG_7424 IMG_7440 IMG_7453 IMG_7461 IMG_7476 IMG_7488 IMG_7490

Shaw and the Capitol

I saved these for last because the Capitol dome is now covered in scaffolding as restoration begins.  It surprised me that the dome has not undergone complete restoration since 1959-60….Shaw will probably be in pre-school when the work is completed, so I was thrilled to have these moments captured, so he can see how majestic it is :)

shaw (43 of 43) shaw (42 of 43) shaw (40 of 43) shaw (39 of 43)

Outside the Nursery Window

A few more images from our shoot on the Supreme Court grounds.  Shaw’s nursery looks out over the back steps of this majestic building and once upon a time we took our “bump” pictures there and now we get to take pictures with him…..


shaw (37 of 43) shaw (35 of 43) shaw (34 of 43) shaw (32 of 43)